Get Over Fear of Flying Expert Advice from Doctor Dave

If you want to get over fear of flying there were several things you need to understand.

Firstly fear of flying is a mistake. By that I mean that your brain has become programmed to respond with an intense fear response to a situation that is much less dangerous that than many that you will encounter. I give a much more detailed explanation of this fear or phobia.

Secondly, you can’t have a flying phobia unless you have a good imagination. Most people who have an intense fear of flying would experience a fear reaction with any sort of getting into a plane. Think about what is happening here is a thought can trigger it then the danger only exist in your imagination.
Fly Without Fear ProgramNow this is a good thing. Because you can use your imagination to help you get over fear of flying. I show you how in my Fly Without Fear program. This is a simple audio program that you can download.

I have also made a special video where I walk you through a simple method of lessening, or in some cases, eliminating a fear of flying. Enter your name and email into the box on the right to access it.


Good luck,
Dr. Dave